Providing support, resources & beautiful, sustainable and safe housing to men & women needing a second chance.
Whitney's Place

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We are fighting Homelessness and restoring hope in people who are going through a difficult time in life. We take pride in providing serene homes, training workshops, personal training and other assistance to people who want to take the necessary steps to get their life back.

A Second Chance. A hope

We are positive that everyone passing through a difficult time or perhaps feeling down can find a way up when surrounded with the right people who can show nothing but love. At Whitney's Place, we have a place designed to meet your need at any time or situation you are currently at.

Connect with us, let's get you back to where you are suppose to be.

whitney chaffin and family
Recovery homes designed to attend to everyone.
A family of people connected towards the better you.

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Everyone deserves a second chance..