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We are like the five people we surround ourselves with ... so who is beside you?

Everyone experiencing a difficult time, or perhaps feeling down, can find a way up when surrounded with the right people who can show nothing but love. At Whitney's Place, we have tranquil homes designed to meet the needs of anyone needing to recover from life's hardships.

Connect with us, let's get you back to where you are supposed to be.

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Recovery homes designed to create peace & happiness
A family of people connected towards the better you.

"We are dedicated to providing a tranquil home to people who truly want to get their life back"

Whitney’s Place is a housing provider for men and women in Palm Beach County Florida who need a second chance, specifically for those re-entering society after incarceration.

The housing at Whitneys Place abides by the National Alliance of Recovery Residences housing standards and is in the process of becoming certified by the Florida Alliance of Recovery Residences standards of living.

Whitneys Place is inspired by Whitney Chaffin, Florida resident, real estate investor, professional speaker and philanthropist, who saw the need for safe, sustainable recovery housing, specifically for the formerly incarcerated, after seeing the challenges that several friends, family members and acquaintances faced upon release.

Whitneys Place realized the difficulties of finding a safe place to live when facing challenges in life like having a felonious record, and we are dedicated to providing a tranquil home to people who truly want to get their life back. We provide safe, beautiful homes with a sense of community, support and accountability.

We work with several nonprofits and organizations in and around Palm Beach County to provide housing, job and recovery support, encouragement and a healthy transition into a new, abundant phase of life.

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Our Leadership

Whitney Chaffin

Whitney Chaffin


Whitney Chaffin is originally from East Liverpool, Ohio and moved to South Florida in 2012. Whitney suffered from depression for many years and used volunteering as a way to overcome it.

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Liana Kim

Real Estate Expert

Patricia Allen

Principal Manager

Bill Tom

Program Manager

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