Rehabilitation Services

We are solution providers to the Housing Problem. We provide great quality affordable Homes designed to solve the high increase in Homelessness.

Rehabilitation programs are often time actions taken to help encourage a high level of physical health, awareness, mental health, and economical usefulness. While there is no one process used by every rehabilitation facility, Whitney's Place is connected to many different types of support. Before becoming a resident, you will meet with our founder, Whitney Chaffin, and her housing support team.

Residents who are accepted to live at Whitney's Place will be given an opportunity during the intake process to meet with a professional to discuss treatment options if needed and also, figure out the best approach more convenient for the resident. The goal is to come about a more personalized recovery plan.

The following are some of the highlights you get from our Rehabilitation Service:

  • A safe and supportive environment surrounded by people who understand you and can relate completely with you.
  • Effective therapy that reduce your chances of relapsing. We will help keep you back on track.
  • 24/7 Medical Support
  • Stress Management - We give our people all the required tools they need to relieve stress completely.
  • Fitness - It's important to keep fit. We provide fitness exercises regularly.

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