Technical Trainings

We are solution providers to the Housing Problem. We provide great quality affordable Homes designed to solve the high increase in Homelessness.

We have created a scheme that equips you with all the training you would require for that lucrative Job to kick-start your journey into recovery. A lot of people take skill acquisition and technical training with levity. They don't see the need or perhaps do not undergo the right training process. Employment is the foundation to fighting Homelessness, and that in itself goes beyond a simple paycheck that covers food.

At Whitney's Place we help you in the following ways

  • Job Placement: We continuously evaluate your work, your interests, and more than that we let you know the opportunities available to you out there. We establish great relationship with a good number of great companies who are ready to offer you a job.
  • Physical Fitness: Everyone needs to be physically fit to be able to perform at a maximum capacity. The benefits cannot be overemphasized, it includes stress relieve, good blood pressure, improves blood circulation, improves self confidence and promotes positive attitude.
  • Meditation: This can improve work performance and Personal relationship. Additionally, we take you on meditation exercises to improve your ability to sustain attention, improve creativity and also to strengthen your work relationships & friendship.

Please feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions.

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